SR HR Shadowmyst Indigo Snow JH WC CGC
(CH Ransom's Armbrook Indigo Hue MH CD x SR Ridge View Snowy River JH WC)
OFA Good- Elbows Clear- Eyes Clear
DOB- 1-23-06
June 10th at 15 months old
4 tests-4 passes
August 4th. '07 Indigo finshed her Started Retriever Title with high
marks. The next day she moved up to the Hunter Stakes and Passed.
Hunter Stakes is a land and water double and Trailing. Dogs must be
steady at the line without a lead.
Good Girl Indigo! Knew you could do it easily.
April 26th and 27th, '08 Indigo earned her 2nd and 3rd Hunting
Retriever Legs. She ran the trail on Sunday with her nose right on the
trail all the way.
August '08, Indigo finishes her
Hunting Retriever title!
Indigo had two very strong days. She was awesome. The judges
called her trailing "perfect". Doubles were spot on.
Indigo is
my rising
First Started Retriever Leg at 7 months.
First Junior Hunter Leg at 8 Months.
Working Certificate at 8 Months.
I love this girl. She is an amazing dog. I call her my "perfect girl".
Of course, I overlook her flaws.
Every once in a while, you come across a dog that is a "Heart Dog" and this is one of those dogs.....my
first since Cody. Indigo and I always seem to be on the same page with things. She's incredibly intelligent
and intuitive. She picks up on concepts with ease and they seem to stick. At 9 weeks she showed "me"
where heel position was when returning with birds. On her first double, which I tried just for fun while
training an older dog, she sped to the go bird, picked it up and on her return, I can still picture this in slow
motion in my mind, looked over at the first mark. She finished with the first retrieve perfectly lined &
focused on the memory bird. I think she had just been waiting for me to start doing doubles with her.
Indigo is patiently waiting for me to
catch up to her ability.
I hope I can make her proud.
Indigo earning her 2nd
& 3rd JH Leg
Can't wait until Senior...
Indigo 6 wks