Shadowmyst Labrador Puppies
Shadowmyst Litters
We are happy to talk to you by phone after we have
emailed you some information that will answer some of
your questions.
Puppies at Shadowmyst
At 5-6 weeks, we begin
teaching a 'Sit' & 'wait'
command before feeding.
Promise's puppies are 7 weeks
in this photo and have the
command down solid.....except
for one sit. : -)
Here they are after their
'release' command,
If you are interested in an older puppy or young adult
that may become available, or if you are interested in
co-ownership, you may fill out a questionnaire that we
can keep on file in case something becomes available.  
Sometimes we may not consider placing a dog until we
see the perfect home for them come along.  The cost for
most adults is a nominal adoption fee depending on age.
Please contact Julie for more
If you are looking for Iowa or Midwest labrador breeders
we can refer you to several other responsible breeders if
we don't have puppies at the time. Remember that good
breeders often have lists of buyers before the litter is on
the ground, so it is a good idea to do your research and
planning ahead of time so that you get on a list early.
Click on the link above for other breeders near you.
Shadowmyst Labrador puppies are bred with love and care,
using exceptional puppy rearing to prepare puppies for easy
transition to new homes with learning ability already
established.  Crate training, bite inhibition, sit and wait for
food & recalls are already well on their way by the time you
pick up your puppy.  Beautiful puppies bred to meet the breed
standard, we screen all parents for hereditary problems such
as hip and elbow dysplasia, EIC, PRA, CNM, HNPK, DM, RD
and the DILUTE gene.  We care about the future of your puppy
and work hard to breed puppies that you will be happy with
because we also raise these puppies for ourselves.  And we
want a healthy puppy too!

I have a couple of litters planned for 2021.
Please email me for information if you are interested.

I already have lists for 2021 and am not taking more
people on them right now.
However, getting a
questionnaire in to me to keep on file will get your name
in my file in case anything does come available.  Also, it
will indicate if you are interested in an older puppy or
adult dog should one come available.

Our current girls are shown below, along with Olias who
we sometimes use as a sire but more often we use outside
stud dogs.
We are planning to breed Emerald in 2021.  Stud dog to be
announced.  Potentially Blacks and Yellows.
This website is going to become uneditable after
March 31st, 2021.  I will be building a new website as
soon as possible.  Until then, please email to confirm
information and l
itter announcements.