Shadowmyst Puppies
and available older puppies/adults
Shadowmyst Litters
Email me for more information.
We are happy to talk to you by phone after we have emailed you
some information that will answer some of your questions.
Puppies at Shadowmyst
At 5-6 weeks, we begin
teaching a 'Sit' & 'wait'
command before feeding.
Promise's puppies are 7
weeks in this photo and have
the command down
solid.....except for one sit. : -)
Here they are after their
'release' command,
If you are interested in an older puppy or young adult that may
become available, or if you are interested in co-ownership, you
may fill out a questionnaire that we can keep on file in case
something becomes available.  Sometimes we may not consider
placing a dog until we see the perfect home for them come
along.  The cost for most adults is a nominal adoption fee
depending on age.
Please contact Julie for more
If you are looking for Iowa or Midwest labrador breeders we can refer you to several
other responsible breeders if we don't have puppies at the time. Remember that good
breeders often have lists of buyers before the litter is on the ground, so it is a good
idea to do your research and planning ahead of time so that you get on a list early.
Click on the link above for other breeders near you.
EMAIL address;
Past Litter
2017 litter Loofah x Granite
MBISS GRCH Glacieridge Tabatha's Granite,
(Granite is owned by Bob Skow-Glacieridge)
We are planning the following litter for  2019.

Olias x Emerald
(Blacks, Chocolates and Yellows)

And in late 2019 we'll finally be breeding Jetty
for an all yellow litter going home in early 2020.