SR Sher-Mi Shadowmyst Heart Song JH
OFA Good ~ Elbows Normal ~ Eyes Clear ~ EIC Clear ~ Optigen Clear by Parentage
(CH Lockbriar Journey O'BriarGlen JH WCI x CH Sher-Mi Random Heart WC)
Lyric came to us from Sherry Anderson-Sher-Mi.
Thank you Sherry for this wonderful addition to our breeding program.
Lyric is a fun loving, happy girl with fantastic marking ability in the field.
She has remarkable natural talent and perserverence that will add a lot
to our goal of a dual purpose labrador. She also has a gorgeous head,
coat and tail, the hallmarks of the breed.
Lyric finished her Started Retriever Title
on May 23rd, 2009 and her Junior
Hunter Title on June 20th, 2010!
Congratulations Shannon and Lyric!
She can also be quite naughty!
"I sit pretty, right?"
She used to be a very cute puppy.