These breeders are listed below as a source of breeders
who have a standard of practice that includes selective
breeding utilizing competitive venues for evaluation,
genetic clearances, limited numbers of litters, use of
Limited Registration, screening of potential puppy
buyers, and written warrantees for puppies. No
guarantee or endorsement is offered by
Labradors, however, all breeders listed generally adhere
to the above criteria.
Individual goals in breeding programs, practices in
working with puppy buyers, contract conditions and
remedies may vary. Buyers are encouraged to refrain from
impulse buying and research several breeders and their
Labradors before making a decision to purchase a
Labrador. The
right puppy for you may not be the one
immediately available or available at the exact time you
wish. Responsible breeders with good reputations will
often have waiting lists before a litter is conceived. It is in
your best interest to begin your research well in advance
of the time you hope to add a Labrador to your life.
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