Shadowmyst Brags!
April/May 2010
Shiraz, Ace, Vision & Indigo
at the 2006 National.
Shadow Earns her Hunter Title

Bolo Earns her Started Title

Ace earns his First Hunter leg

Zeppelin Earns her First Started and First Junior Leg

Lyric earns her first two Junior legs!
June 2010

Lyric Finishes her Junior Hunter Title- 4 for 4!

Zeppelin gets two more Junior Hunter Legs.

Ace earns his second Hunter Leg!
August 2010

Splash gets her second Junior Hunter Leg!
September 2010

Splash earns her Junior Hunter Title!

Zeppelin Earns her Junior Hunter Title!
April 2011

Zeppelin earns another Started leg!
June 2011

Zeppelin Earns her First Novice Standard
Agility Leg!
September 2011

Zeppelin Earns her 2nd Novice Standard
Agility leg and first Novice Jumpers Leg!
December 2011

Zeppelin finishes her Novice Standard Title
at the ICDOC Trial on Dec. 9th!
October 2011

Both Zeppelin and Indigo earn an extra JH
leg at our SRHRA Fall AKC trial.

Zeppelin Finishes her Started Retriever Title at our Spring SRHRA
Zeppelin earns an Open Standard Leg and a Novice Jumpers Leg at
the DSM Golden Retriever Club trial Sept. 22 & 23.

Zeppelin earns a 6th, just for fun, JH leg at our fall AKC test Sept.

Ace Wins Select Dog Both days at the DSM KC Show Sept 8 & 9
from the Veteran Class!  Major both days.

Zeppelin Finishes her Novice JWW Title at the Labrador National!

Zeppelin Finishes her Open Standard Title with First Place at the
DMOTC Fall Trial Oct. 20. and gets her first leg in Novice FAST.

January 19/20 Central Iowa Kennel Club Show
Aja Places 2nd & 3rd in Open.
Loofah Wins First Place in 6-9 Month both days.

February 16 DSM Show
Loofah - 2nd in 9-12
Feb 17th
Loofah - 1st Place 9-12

April 28th Marshaltown Dog Show
Moon Winners Dog & Best of Winners- 2 Points!
Loofah is 2nd in 9-12 month

After time off for an injury, Zeppelin comes back in June.  She doesn't
qualify at the Ames Trial, but gets some great practice and warms up for
the next trial.   June 17th at the ICDOC Trial, she gets her 2nd Open
Jumpers Leg (1st Place).   Excellent Standard is still proving to be a
challenge for us, but fun nonetheless.  

July 14th MACI- Zeppelin earns her 3rd Open Jumpers Leg (2nd Place) for
a new Open Jumpers Title!  
Now we are in Excellent in both Venues!!  Yay!

December 7th MACI Trial
Zeppelin finally gets a Pass in Excellent, in both Jumpers and Standard!  
Nice way to finish up 2013.  Now we rest until February.

No passes for Zeppelin this year but we've come close many times.  In
June of 2014, Zeppelin became ill almost overnight with an allergic
reaction to her Rabies and/or Frontline application which ended up
causing us to take some time off.

More time to work with other dogs now.  So, June 14 and 15, 2014, Moon
went Best of Breed at Fort Dodge both days.  AND, on Saturday we went
on to a Group 3 Win!  We were very happy to have the judges recognize a
taller, athletic Labrador!

Lake Elmo Aug. 24th, 2014- Moon takes WD and BOW.  Great comments
from the judge!

Amanas Sept. 1st, 2014 - Moon is WD, BOW and BOB.  Go Moon-Man!

Moon takes WD at the St Paul Land O' Lakes show on January 3rd 2015.

Moon is WD/BOW and BOB for a Major win over 4 Specials at the Central
Iowa Show Jan. 17. 2015 and was also awarded a GROUP 4.   Thanks to
judges Judy Webb and Roger Hartinger!
On Sunday Moon went BOW again for another Major win under Terry
Stacy!   Moon just needs a single point now to finish his AKC
Pink won her very nice 12-18 class too!

shadowmyst dark side
Moon Finished his Championship going WD/BOW  at the
Belle City Show at Purina Farms.  
Owner bred and handled for all points.  

Moon is now running hunt tests!  
NAHRA:  1st SR Leg- April 26th, 2015
2nd SR Leg- May 30th, 2015
3rd SR Leg-Aug 29th 2015
AKC:  1st JH Leg- May 17th, 2015
2nd JH Leg- May 31st, 2015
3rd JH Leg- Oct. 3rd, 2015 LRC National

Zeppelin is back and running Agility after almost a year off after her illness.   She made
her debut back in the ring May 8, 9 & 10 at the DMOTC Trial and also ran at the CCKC
May 29, 30 & 31.  Unfortunately, she ruptured her cruciate this summer, so we have a
road to recovery now after surgery.

We started the year off with a bang with our SRHRA 3 day Hunt Test with both
Moon and my new one year young girl, Jetty, passing all three days in Started.  
3 Days - 6 Ribbons!  
Friday was Moon's 4th SR Leg, so he finished his SR Title that day- April 29th,
2016.  2 extra legs, running off leash on Sunday.

Jetty managed to go 3 for 3 that weekend and then the next weekend, finished
her SR Title going 4 for 4!  
Started Retriever Title earned at EIHRA's Spring test on May 7th, 2016.

May 22nd 2016-Moon Finished his AKC Junior Hunter Title.  WOO-HOO!

June 4th and 5th, 2016-Jetty earns two JH legs back to back at Mid Iowa's AKC