Here they are....our
first Labradors
These are the dogs from my first litter. These guys are
all sibs and neutered or spayed. They are, however,
the dogs that inspired us to become passionate about
labs. We learned a lot from these dogs, not only the
good stuff, but the sad stuff. And we are still learning.
If you don't think it's necessary to do all the genetic testing that
responsible breeders do or if you think you shouldn't have to worry
about that because you are just getting a 'pet', . . . Think Again! We invite
you to Check out
Cody's Story. We've spent thousands of dollars
finding out exactly how important it is to do genetic screening and to
breed carefully and responsibly.
Chaser Scott's King Cody CDX, CGC
(Broadway's Shadow x Willowcreeks Roc n Ace)
DOB-12/20/91 ~ 12/22/03
Cody was the clown of our crew. He was a joy and a
challenge to train. Cody, Shadow and Gypsy are
littermates and Cody is the proof that littermates can
have VERY different personalities! He is the first dog I
have put a CDX on and he taught me so much during our
years trying to train. He is the reason we looked into the
Motivational Retrieve. Cody would shut down very easily,
so we wanted an alternative to the ear pinch. That method
worked exceedingly well and retrieving was the least of
our worries in Open; he never failed to retrieve the
dumbbell. Now, the drop on recall is another story! Oh,
well... I LOVED this dog. He was the kindest, most loyal
and loving dog I have known.
Cody had a hip replacement in January of 1999
and, after some setbacks, made a triumphant
return to the obedience ring in Sept. at our clubs
show, competing in Veterans Open and, with his
brother, Shadow, and pseudo-sister, Shiloh, in the
Team Competition. Read more about
Cody's hip
replacement and how it all came about. Cody also
had an epsode with seizures since the surgery and
struggled with those until his passing.
In the end, Cody developed prostate cancer and after several valiant months of using a
catheter three to four times a day, we were forced to say goodbye when that finally
became impossible. In every other way, he was still going strong and went for a long
walk with all of us the day before he went to the Bridge. Cody will always hold a special
spot in my heart as my favorite labrador of all time. He will never be forgotten.
Shadow earns his WC and first JH leg at the 1998 LRC National!
And then, Shadow finished his JH
at the 1999 LRC National!
SR Broadway's Midnite Shadow CDX, JH, WC, CGC
(Broadway's Shadow x Willowcreeks Roc N Ace)
DOB-12/20/91 ~ 4/15/06
Shadow is our theme dog, I guess. He is a beautiful
dog even though he is not show material. He also has
the drive and trainability that a lab should have.
Along with a good temperament and brains, Shadow
is a great example of what a lab is all about. Shadow
earned his NAHRA Started Retriever title in
September of 1998. As well as obedience and
hunting, he has dabbled in Tracking, Agility, and has
worked as a Therapy Dog. Shadow was trained to his
CDX by Jim and won his title at the Hoosier LRC's
1st Specialty in March of 1997. What made that even
more special was that Shiloh won her CD title there
too! To top it all off, they each took 1st place in their
classes!! With his first JH pass at the '98 LRC
National, Shadow wrapped it up the following year at
the '99 National. Shadow never started training for
hunt tests until the age of 6. His hip dysplasia
prevented him from going on in his field training.
Shadow's pain from his hip continued to get worse, to the point that no pain medications would help. He also
developed a severe anxiety reaction to high pitched noises and lost the muscle and fat mass in the right side of
his head. The pain was intolerable at the end and while he was still in good shape in many other ways, we knew
it was time to end the suffering when he could no longer rest at night. Finally out of pain, rest easy old guy.
There is no love greater than yours.
Great Jump n Gypsy Pacer CD, CGC
(Broadway's Shadow x Willowcreeks Roc N Ace)
DOB-12/20/91 ~ 1/13/05
Gypsy is mostly a homebody. She hates car
rides, even though she has a great time when
we get to the lake! After earning her CD title
in '94 Gypsy retired from obedience to
concentrate on more important things, like
chasing balls!! She hated obedience and now
lives the good life being the official face-licker
and trouble-maker of our home.
Gypsy lived her life the way we all should,
with gusto! Right the end she still gave out
her trademark "Whoo-whoo-whoo" bark
when we came home. We loved you girl.
These pictures were taken a couple weeks before Cody went to the
bridge. We knew he wouldn't be with us much longer and we wanted to
get some pictures of he and the rest of the gang before he was gone.
We went to Red Rock, a place where Cody, Shadow and Gypsy went
regularly as puppies and throughout their life. It was a favorite place for
all of us. The water was freezing cold this day....but Cody didn't care.
Shiloh, Gypsy, Shadow & Cody
Saying Goodbye.
"I Miss You Cody."
This is a picture that
a friend took of
Cody the day before
his passing-during
the long walk we