Echo's baby pictures...
"Who took the squeeky out already?"
"Yeah, what?"
Hello, I'm Echo! Mom and dad say I'm good looking, but every day is a
new experience for me. I don't know what that means, but I am taking
it as a compliment. I have been pretty busy my first 8 months of life. I
have been to dog shows and dog classes and camping and other
dog classes and to hunt tests and did I mention camping? I love to
camp! Sometimes we camp at the dog shows. That is my favorite. Did
you know there are always lots of other labs at dog shows? They are
so much fun, but mom always keeps telling me to "calm down" the
whole time we are there. . .I want to see ALL the other dogs and I
would like to jump all over them and play with them too. . . if mom
would let me. The only one she lets me jump on and play with is my
Risky. And that isn't always that fun. She's always pickin' on
me. But I am bigger than her now and mom says that if I ever get
'cordonated' I will be able to beat her up. HA! Just wait Risky!!!!