Gone to the Bridge
Remedy's Shot of Scotch CDX, OA, OAJ, OJP, OAP, CGC
(CH Heatherwoods Sunrise Echo x Shiloh Remedy Chesapeake Bay)
"Alpha Bitch Extraordinaire"
Please visit Shiloh's webpage and
Agility Photo Album as we say
6/11/1995 - 5/29/2007
3/3/98 ~ 9/5/08
SR Shadowmyst Risky Knights CD, NA, WC, CGC
(CH Chelon's Mac The Knight JH, CD x Remedy's Shot of Scotch CDX OAJ OJP OA OAP)
Cody, Shadow & Gypsy
...the beginning
BISS CH. Chelons Mac The Knight JH CD WC
CH SR Shadowmyst Knight Spirit CD, WC, CGC
(CH Chelon's Mac The Knight JH, CD x Remedy's Shot of Scotch CDX OAJ OJP OA OAP)
Shadowmyst Daystar Dream CGC
(BISS CH Hollidaze Priority Mail x Ambersand's Daystar Reverie)
Promise retired
to live in Des
Moines with her
new family. She
was a beloved
member until her
death.  Thank
you, Stacey, for
letting her into
your home and
5/26/2000 ~ 3/1/2013
WR Shadowmyst Supertramp CD JH, WC
(SR CH. Shadowmyst Knight Spirit CD x Cinnamon Creeks Ida-Ho JH)
See Tramp's MACH titled sister,Cider.
3/22/2001 ~ 4/3/2013
Shadowmyst Fire and Rain
(BISS CH Chelon's Mac The Knight JH CD x Shadowmyst Postage Due CGC)
Vision retired to work at
Fremont Elementary in
the P.A.L. (Pets Always
Listen) Program!  See
more about
service to kids.
SR Shadowmyst Daydream JH, WC, CGC
(CH Janrod's Chasing A Dream x Shadowmyst Daystar Dream CGC)
Champion Pointed
(Token Sheltie)
SR Shadowmyst Sandman JH WC
(Ch. Pointed)
(CH Janrod's Chasing A Dream X Shadowmyst Daystar Dream CGC)
SR HR Ridge View Snowy River JH WC
7/27/2003 ~ 11/2/2017
River is behind a good share of our current dogs and will always
be remembered as the dog that passed on a great nose, working
ability and natural steadiness.   She was a great hunting dog!
(Regional Qualifier)
(CH Franklin's Pickpocket For Kerrybrook MH x CH Ridge View Snodrift JH)
Check out River's daughter,
Shadow, earning her Started
Retriever title at 11 months of age!!