About our
"Hey! Look down here, I think I see a piece of kibble."
"Relax and pose you guys!"
"Is that a BIRD!!!!"
Puppies are born in a special room in our home and live there
until moving to the custom designed whelping room which is
just off our living room with a window so we can see the pups.
This room has a dog door to a heated & air conditioned
indoor/outdoor kennel for the dam to use while nursing. After
graduating from the whelping box, the pups then have the
entire room to romp and play. Weather permitting, they are soon
allowed to learn the ins and outs of the indoor/outdoor kennel
as well as begin crate training. The entire time the pups are
continually provided with new stimuli with the introduction of
interactive toys and changing environments as well as trips into
the living room and onto the acreage as a group and
individually.  We strive to provide an increasingly expanding
social atmosphere for the pup to grow and learn within.
Before going to their new homes at 7-8 weeks, they have been
vaccinated, are dewormed, introduced to birds if possible,
introduced to crate training, learn how to sit and wait for their
food, begin learning a recall and are well socialized. Owners
also receive a comprehensive packet of information about care
and training.

We do not remove dew claws as they serve a functional purpose
in the carpus of the dog's leg.  For more information:
Dew Claw Article By Dr. Chris Zink
Puppies come with a written warrantee and we will happily take
the puppy back if you are ever unable to keep it. All pet puppies
are sold on limited registration and a spay/neuter contract. We
enjoy staying in contact with our puppy buyers and will be
there for you throughout your puppy's life.
Because of our love for this breed and our commitment to
finding permanent and loving homes, we have potential buyers
complete a questionnaire to provide us with information about
how our puppy will be taken care of throughout it's lifetime and
what qualities they are looking for in a labrador. This also helps
us to make sure that the right puppy goes to the right owner,
making the best match possible for everyone. We want you to
be as happy with your puppy as we are with it's new home.
For this reason, while we do give you the opportunity to
determine whether you want black, chocolate or yellow, we do
not take requests for preferred 'shades' of yellow. Yellows can
be anything from a light cream to a fox red shade. This is the
written description for the standard for the breed and while dark
or light shading is striking, there is nothing rare about either
extreme. Genetically, they are yellow. Shades of yellow can not
be accurately predicted and will sometimes darken or lighten as
a puppy reaches adulthood.
With this in mind, and understanding that most puppies are
reserved before they are born, if you choose to have a yellow
puppy, we hope that you will remain open to whatever shade of
yellow is the best match for you.
We don't just raise labs. We train, work and show our labs in
many of the venues they are so versatile to be able to
participate. Hunting, hunt tests, obedience, agility,
companionship and the show ring, we strive for a lab that can
do it all and have the soundness to continue doing it for a
lifetime. Our breeding labs are screened for common inherited
problems in the breed and certified free of hip & elbow
dysplasia, eye problems and most are screened for heart
problems before being bred. We offer a written warrantee.
Because we also teach obedience, agility and hunt training, we
emphasize early learning so your puppy is already off to a great
start before going home. We also help you prepare for your
puppy beforehand and when you pick them up, with a
comprehensive packet of information When you get home, we
are only a phone call or e-mail away if you have any questions
or problems. You also receive half off the cost of our beginner
obedience class. We carefully match puppies with owners so
that each placement is as ideal as possible and everyone is
happy. This means that we look for ideal homes where our
puppies will have the love and care they deserve for a lifetime.

Here is what owners have said about their Shadowmyst puppies;
"Steel has turned out to be a
wonderful dog. He is extraordinarily
friendly and fun loving and the best
retriever I have ever hunted with.
Thank you so much for your efforts in
breeding this fine animal."
"I've been hunting with
Lou a lot this year she is
doing great. The guys I
hunt with are very
surprised how well she
is doing knowing that I
have never trained a
dog before. She has
picked up on a lot of
things on her own, she
is a very quick
learner…over all she is
doing wonderful and I'm
very glad we chose to
get a dog from you, you
can really tell she came
from a good line of
"We just wanted to let you know what
an absolute joy Dakota is! He's a
great addition to our family, and we're
really lucky to have him. He's just
what we wanted, a pup that likes to
have fun, but is a great cuddle dog
"...he is absolutely great, he
truly is a great all around dog
and that is both mine and
Dave's honest opinion. And it's
not just because were the mom
& dad. We get so many
complements from famiy,
friends and total strangers. And
not just about his looks and
apperance but his personality
and everything that entails. ....I
know there's no thing as the
perfect dog but Jack is truly a
close match and we could not
be any happier with him. "
"We want to thank you again for
such a wonderful dog. Bandit has
grown into a beautiful boy and he is
the sweetest guy around."
"Coop is great. Give youself a
pat on the back. He's all I had
hoped for. He took 1st in his
beginner obedience class.
Scored 195. for. He took 1st in
his beginner for. He took 1st in
his beginner obedience class.
Scored 195. obedience class.
Scored 195. Only dog in class to
do routine Only dog in class to
do routine off lead (we could use
check cord). Only dog to do a
finish. ............ Have been goose
hunting with Coop. For his first
goose he ran down a cripple and
returned it to me. I couldn't be
happier. He just needs a little
maturity and I know he will make
a good hunting pal................
Thanks again for a great dog."
Email us if you are interested in a puppy.
"High Five Bro!"