SR Shadowmyst Risky Knights NA, WC
OFA Good-OFA Elbows Eyes clear
3/3/1998 ~ 9/5/2008
Risky died in surgery on the day of my mom's funeral.
She was full of cancer. She had gone downhill quickly
over the past couple weeks so there wasn't time to
really say goodbye, especially with everything going on
in our lives with both of my parent's deaths in the past
two months. So, here is a little something that I hope
makes up for the lack of a proper tribute at the time.
Risky was always a special reminder of her sire, Mac.
She looked a lot like him, acted like him and had his
completely wavy, course coat. She brought birds back
with the same proud, fun loving strutt. She butt-tucked
the yard in the same "I am so full of myself" way,
circling until she ran out of steam. She even smiled and
made the same grunting noises like Mac.
She had a spirit about her that kept us entertained,
uplifted and happy. She loved to work, whether it was
agility, obedience or hunt training.... especially hunt
training. She was the most loyal companion to Jim and
could appear pretty threatening until she knew you
were friend, not foe. Then watch out, because she may
just knock you over with her enthusiasm for petting.
Risky relished spending time outside and could make a
day of just exploring and sniffing around. She was
extremely birdy and hunting the grounds was a favorite
pastime. She made it a mission to root out anything that
smelled like prey.
Most of all though...Risky was a friend. She was a true
companion. She could melt your anger, encourage your
spirit, vanish your sadness and replace it all with a
quiet understanding and a joy for life that was limitless.
Even at the end, with more pain than we can probably
imagine, she wagged her tail. She might not have been
able to get up off the floor, but she wagged her tail.
We humans can learn much from our pets if we allow
ourselves to.
I hope we have learned from Risky. Maybe this is what
she would have said to us if she could have...
Be not afraid.
Live with abundant love.
Love with abandon.
Touch other's lives.

Keep it simple....Work hard and be nice.

We'll miss you Risky.
And we'll remember you, as a beacon of joy.
Risky earned both her Novice Agility Title and her NAHRA Started Retriever Title in 2000.
Photo by Trainer, Bonnie Moothart
SR Shadowmyst Risky Knights NA, WC
Winning 2nd place in her sweeps class at the
1998 National Specialty
Ch. Chelons Mac The Knight JH, WC, CGC x Remedy's Shot Of Scotch CDX, OA, OAJ CGC
Risky is a very pretty girl with type, balance and tons of coat. Nice head, decent angles and
a topline like a rock. She has great attitude, not only in the ring, but in the field! At 7
months, within a couple feet of her last bird, she narrowly missed getting her WC at the
National. In 1999 she did earn her WC at the National.
This girl is proof that show dogs have plenty of field drive...and proof that Mac is passing
on his own great field ability to his offspring. She also placed 2nd in both Sweeps and
regular 6-9 classes at the LRCTC Specialty in Sept. '98. Her second place in regular classes
was to the puppy who went on to BOB over specials.
OFA Good-Elbows Clear
Eyes cleared at 8 weeks, 8 mos. and annually.
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Risky's brother, Echo