Shiloh's Page...
"Remedy's Shot of Scotch CDX, OA, OAJ, CGC"
(Am. Can. Ch. Heatherwood's Sunrise Echo x Shiloh Remedy Chesapeake Bay)
Hi, my name is Shiloh! That's not my real name, but that's what my humans call me. You'll see where I get
this name if you read my pedigree. Mom and Dad say I am the most spoiled dog they have, but I am also the
best, so I guess I should be! (Don't tell them I said that.) Since I came here on a plane with mom and dad I
have been doin' things. They keep me really busy. I have gone to all kinds of classes since I was a puppy.
After I got the hang of the classes, I got to help teach them. At first that was real fun 'cause I got to show off
all the stuff I knew. Then I figured out that we mostly do the same stuff in those classes over and over. So
now I try to take a nap in the middle of the room. If there is a neat puppy in class I try to go visit, but mom
always catches me and makes me lay back down. The really fun classes I go to are the ones far away in
Des Moines. I have to ride in the car a long time to get there, but it's worth it! Sometimes we work on
obedience, retrieving and jumping and stuff, which is fun. But the very best class is the one with tons of really
way cool things to climb on and go through and walk over. They call it Agility, but I call it FUN!! It is so much
fun that mom took me to a trial for it and I won a title in 3 days! Other fun stuff I have done is going into a ring
with lots of other dogs like me and following my mom or my friend, Cathy, who always has great treats with
her. (She lets me jump on her whenever I want, too. Not like mom.)
In my spare time I like to play ball with my kennel mates.
They always get the ball first, so I go find cans and logs to
carry around. I like to go to the lake too, but sometimes it
is frozen and we can't swim.
I also have a best friend who I like to play with a lot! Her name is
Sydney and she is an Australian Shepherd. I like Sydney so
much I would like to show you some pictures of us playing some
friendly games...
This is us at the lake playing a
nice game of tug the stick. (I
always win)
Here is another picture of us playing
a friendly game of....ooops...
how'd this picture get in here!!
(At this game I always win....or give up)
This is me when I was
younger...I was really
cute, huh.
Mom says my space is up, so I better
go. I'm real glad you got to visit my
page. Come back anytime!
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