SR Shadowmyst White Water Rapids JH
(WR Shadowmyst Supertramp JH x HR Ridge View Snowy River JH)
OFA Excellent~ Elbows Normal ~ Eyes Clear
Splash earned her Started Retriever Title on May 31st, 2009 at the Eastern Iowa HRC test.
Splash has her dad's fun loving spirit. The combination of field and show lines behind her
give her a nice balance of great classic looks and tons of talent.   Excellent Marking dog
with straight lines out and back.  
Jim and Splash earned their first JH leg fall of '08.
Splash's pedigree doubles on two of the last Dual Champions in the Labrador
Breed through Abercrombie & Fitch MH.  Behind Abe are both his sire,
Dual CH Hiwood Shadow and his Grandsire, Dual CH Warpath Macho.  
Splash also goes back to our original lines with Shiloh and Mac.  A blend of
great Show lines, Dual lines and Field Champion lines, Splash is the perfect
combination for our goal of a multi purpose Labrador.